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In a contested world, is the transatlantic alliance fit to lead democracies through the present and into the future? Join #CEPAForum to learn about how allies & partners are leading security, technology, and democratic challenges. #FitToLead

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Amid crisis and new challenges for U.S.-European ties, it is more important than ever to strengthen ties across the Atlantic. Join #CEPAForum to learn more about renewing the transatlantic alliance in an increasingly contested world. #FitToLead

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How can the Alliance counter threats to democracy while investing in long-term resilience? Join #CEPAForum to learn more about the fight for democracy in the face of authoritarianism and leading with our values. #FitToLead

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How can partners and allies bolster cohesion and democratic unity in an increasingly contested world? Join #CEPAForum to address present and future transatlantic challenges and the need to preserve a shared bond over democratic values. #FitToLead

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What should be at the top of the transatlantic digital agenda? Join #CEPAForum to learn more about securing a democratic digital domain. #FitToLead

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The U.S. and its closest allies must maintain their strategic edge in an increasingly contested world. Join #CEPAForum to learn how the Alliance can harness emerging technologies for collective security. #FitToLead

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