Andrássy Reception And
Kennan Award 

The Andrássy National Security Fellowship Reception showcased one of many CEPA programs that strives to build the next generation of Atlanticists: The Andrássy Fellowship in National Security, co-founded along with the Hungary Initiatives Foundation (HIF). Ilona Teleki, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of CEPA and director of the CEPA-HIF Andrássy Fellowship Program, stressed CEPA's commitment to build up the younger generations of North Americans and Europeans to preserve, defend, and expand the transatlantic space. Anna Smith Lacey, Executive Director of the Hungary Initiatives Foundation (HIF), highlighted the need to invest in the next generation of transatlantic leaders to secure our shared future. In her remarks, Smith Lacey emphasized the importance of consciously cultivating and nourishing a sense of civilizational purpose in young leaders who will take over the helm of policymaking in the future.  

U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) accepted the annual Kennan Award for Strategy and Statecraft. Senator Shaheen received the award for her bipartisan contribution to strengthening the bonds of transatlantic cooperation. In her Kennan Keynote address, Senator Shaheen offered her insight on the dilemmas and opportunities for bolstering the transatlantic relationship during a time of great uncertainty.