Closing Remarks

To compete against rising and restive rivals, CEPA President Peter B. Doran concluded, the transatlantic relationship must be renewed – a process that saw meaningful progress at this year’s CEPA Forum. CEPA Senior Fellow Janusz Bugajski then offered an optimistic look to the future. While thirty years ago, when most people expected that all NATO and European countries would exist in harmony by now, time often takes longer than expected. The transatlantic community has nonetheless accomplished much since then, establishing an enduring Alliance that should make members optimistic about the future. Today, the West is threatened by those who deny freedom to their people – but nations must remember that these regimes do not fully represent the will of their people, who may also become empowered by the vision of liberation. The United States and Europe offer hope for a better life, which should encourage us to defend freedom and the transatlantic bond.