CEPA Forum 2017
2017 Highlights, The Future of U.S. Military Presence in Europe: Effective Responses in a Changing Security Environment

The second day of the Forum hosted two off-the-record sessions. The first session – The Future of U.S. Military Presence in Europe – was moderated by CEPA Executive Director Peter B. Doran. Western militaries have deployed to NATO’s frontline states as part of the groundbreaking European Reassurance Initiative. Participants considered questions such as: While the ERI has increased regional deterrence and security, what comes next? Should we concentrate on plugging the remaining gaps in Baltic defense, or shift the focus to other priorities, such as the Arctic Sea, the Black Sea, and the North Atlantic? Should Atlanticists react to an evolution of the European Union’s defense and security policy? Should we maintain our previous skepticism about duplication, or welcome all efforts that improve capabilities and share burdens? Can European countries develop their own sub-nuclear strategic deterrents—such as EMP warheads on stand-off missiles—that would lessen the burden on America’s nuclear guarantee?


mod_DoranPeter B. Doran
Executive Director, CEPA


AurescuBogdan Aurescu
Presidential Counselor for Foreign Affairs, Romania
ColbyElbridge Colby
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy & Force Development, United States
SiklosiPéter Siklósi
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Hungary
SzatkowskiTomasz Szatkowski
Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Defense, Poland
ThomasJim Thomas
Principal and Co-Founder, Telemus Group