CEPA Forum 2017
Pauli Järvenpää
Senior Research Fellow, International Center for Defense and Security

Dr. Pauli Järvenpää, a former Finnish diplomat and a senior defense official, joined International Center for Defense and Security on 1 May 2013. As a Senior Research Fellow at ICDS, he focuses on the security of the Baltic Sea and Nordic region and on issues related to NATO, the EU and transatlantic cooperation. Ambassador Järvenpää most recently served as the Finnish Ambassador to Afghanistan (2010-2013). Before that he was Director General of the Defense Policy Department at the Finnish Ministry of Defense (2002-2010) and the Defense Advisor at the Mission of Finland to NATO in Brussels (1999-2002). Dr. Järvenpää’s most recent publication, written with Krista Raik, is “A New Era of EU-NATO Cooperation: How to Make the Best of a Marriage of Necessity“, ICDS, May 2017.